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Traditional Glitters

These glitters look just like "Recollections" glitters but are a different brand and just as beautiful!


Neon Colors

Feeling creative? Then our huge selection of Embellishments is just the thing. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, there’s no end to what you can create when you have the perfect assortment of materials.


Lucky Charms

Once you start incorporating Embroidery Threads in your projects, you’ll be totally hooked. No matter how you use them, our high-quality products will be the source of endless inspiration.


Cotton Candy

Whether you’re just starting off, or a seasoned pro, we carry a huge selection of Craft Toppers. If you need some help getting started, our talented staff will be delighted to share their extensive expertise.



This is a beautiful rose gold!  I love to mix it with ... to make a beautiful rose gold.  The two different size glitters makes it that much more captivating.


Hula Girl

The picture does not do this glitter justice.  Hula girl is a beautiful emerald green.  Look at the "Debbies Starbucks" tumbler to see this beautiful color in action.


Blue Razzberry Ice

Beautiful blue from Feather Bear Bling.

See "Blessed Mama" for an example of this beautiful blue.

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