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Chunky Glitters

This glitter is slightly larger than traditional glitters.


Orange Chunky Glitter

It has a beautiful combination of orange and copper colors that remind you of autumn.


Cherry Chunky

Beautiful cherry red with plenty of sparkle!  Check out or Delta Sigma Theta car coasters for a beautiful example of how gorgeous this color is!


Mermaid Kisses

Iridescent color shifting glitter.

Search "Jayah's Unicorn" to see this beauty in action.


Holy Guacamole

Beautiful greens in this chunky glitter!


Holo Silver Bling

Mini chunks-chunky, but on a diet.

Beautiful sparkle in this glitter.  One of my all time favorites!  Check out our "Wifey" tumbler, or our Delta Sigma Theta car coaster as an example.



Beautiful combination of chunky glitter with medium sized glitter.  Perfect mixture of green and blue with a light holographic change.



Gold chunky mix.  Chunks are hexagon shaped.  

Check out the "You are my Sunshine" tumbler set for an example.


This glitter is a beautiful mix of chunky and small glitters.  It is a color shifting glitter that shifts from beautiful shades of purples and blues.

New Years
photo jul 26, 10 41 06 am.jpg
Dusty Lavender
photo jul 26, 10 42 28 am.jpg
Royal Blue

Traditional/Extra Fine


These glitters are average in size unless stated as "fine".  This means their cut is smaller than the average size glitter.


Neon Colors


Lucky Charms


Cotton Candy



This is a beautiful rose gold!  I love to mix it with another rose gold.  The two different size glitters makes it that much more captivating.

Check out the rose gold Minnie and Mickey Mouse straw toppers to see this color in use.

One of the more subtle golds in the collection.  if you're looking for something that is gold but not too shiny, this is your go to!  It is a blend of chunky, regular and smaller sized pieces.

Beautiful royal blue with chunks and mini chunks of royal blue glitter.

Beautiful purples and pink iridescent mix of chunks, fine, and extra fine glitter.  


Hula Girl

The picture does not do this glitter justice.  Hula girl is a beautiful emerald green.  Look at the "Debbies Starbucks" tumbler to see this beautiful color in action.


Blue Razzberry Ice

Beautiful blue from Feather Bear Bling.

photo mar 25, 7 42 12 pm.heic


Stunning shades of burgundy and pink mixed in with a touch of purple.  

Sugar Cane
photo jul 26, 10 38 32 am_edited.jpg
Baby Cakes
Sugar Cane
photo jul 26, 10 38 47 am.jpg
Pink Flamingo

Check out the "Beach Sunset" can/bottle cooler in the tumbler section to see this color in action.

photo jul 26, 10 40 28 am.jpg

Check out the "Beach Sunset" can/bottle cooler in the tumbler section to see this color in action.

photo jul 26, 10 41 28 am.jpg

Check out "Father" tumbler to see this beautiful color.

photo jul 26, 10 40 03 am.jpg
Onyx Flash

This beautiful black is iridescent. This is an extra fine glitter.  Check out the "Beach Sunset" can/bottle cooler in the tumbler section to see this color in action.

photo jul 26, 10 51 01 am.jpg

Color shifting blues and greens.  Check out the "Glowing Witches Brew" to see it in action.

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